How Do I Replace/Swap A Device?

  • Register Hardware (all devices have to be registered to your company inventory prior to being added to a customer account)
    • Click on ‘Dealer Menu’ select ‘Hardware Registration’



  • Enter the 12-character mac address and CRC number
    • Click on 'Register Hardware'



  • Click on ‘Dealer Menu’ select ‘User Accounts’
    • Click on the customer's 'username'



  •  On the 'Account Contact' page, click on 'Add Hardware' button.  



  • On the ‘Registered Devices’ pop-up window, locate the mac address in the right column and click on the associated serial number hyperlink in the left column



  • Click on 'Add Device'



  •  With both devices on the account, click on the new mac address 


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the 'Device Profile' page to the Migration section,
    •  Click 'Run Migration'



  •  Click on ‘Remove Device’ to the far right of the old unit



  • Select the closest 'Reason for Removing' device from the dropdown and click on 'Complete Removal'


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