Product    Signals
(Keybus or Dialer)
 Virtual Keypad
(Full, Limited*, Keyswitch)
 IPD-BAT Keybus  Full
 IPD-BAT CDMA  Keybus & Dialer  Full
 IPD-BAT U  Dialer  Keyswitch
 IPD-BAT WiFi  Keybus & Dialer  Full
 IPD-BAT ZK  Keybus  Full

*Limited means the Virtual Keypad should work as a full functioning keypad but advanced features such as programming have not been tested.
  • The IPD-BAT CDMA will be the best choice on this panel since it will provide a Dual-Path solution for the customer.
  • If the customer does not want to use cellular and wants IP only, it is recommended they use the IPD-BAT WiFi.
If multiple reports are received about certain products not working properly on an NX8E, notify
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