PUSH versus SMS/Text Notification

PUSH vs SMS/Text (PDF files are attached below.)

  • PUSH vs SMS/Text Notifications are very similar. They both identify the alarm system address, alarm signal and zone, and zone description in a message to the user's phone.   Notifications are normally delivered within seconds.
  • In order to receive PUSH notifications, you will need to download the ipDatatel SecureSmart application which can be found in your phone's market place and is compatible for both Android and iPhone users.
  • When a PUSH Notification is sent, it uses an extremely small amount of the customer's Data Plan to send them a message.  
  • When a SMS/Text Notification is sent, it uses the customer's "pool" of SMS/Text Messages. It can be problematic for a customer that only has 200 SMS/Text messages for their carrier plan and should be moved to PUSH.
Which one does ipDatatel recommend?
  • We recommend PUSH Notifications due to the extremely fast and reliable transmissions. Since it is typically using a 3G/4G network to send the message, the customer will almost instantly get messages.
  • Our main reason of course is the cost is much cheaper to send a PUSH Notification than a SMS/Text Notification.


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    when will you ever fix the push notifications to be audible on IOS?

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