Supported Home Automation

Abstract Products and functions
current room temperature - read only
operating mode
operating state
fan mode
fan state
relative humidity
setpoint hold (aka ?setback?)

Lamp Module

Appliance Module

Dimmer Switch


Light Switch

User Products


Radio Thermostat CT-30 with ipdatatel zsnap firmware version 0006
Radio Thermostat CT-80 with ipdatatel zsnap firmware version 0006
Centralite Pearl 3157100 (Black)
Centralite Pearl 3157100 (White)
Centralite Appliance Module 4256050-ZHAC
Centralite Appliance Module 4256050-RZHAC
Centralite Next-gen Lamp Module 4257050-ZHAC
Centralite Next-gen Appliance Module 4257050-RZHAC
Centralite Dimmer Switch 3385001-ZHA
Centralite Dimmer Switch 3385003-ZHA
Centralite Relay Switch 3385001-RZHA
Centralite Relay Switch 3385003-RZHA
Smartenit Metering Smart Plug Model #5010Q (ZBMPlug15)
JASCO Lamp and Small Appliance Module 45853 ZB4101 (Date Code 1410)
JASCO Relay Switch 45856 ZB4001 (Date Code 1413)
JASCO Dimmer Switch 45857 ZB3001 (Date Code 1413)
Kwikset Traditional SmartCode Deadbolt (910TRL ZBC4 11P SMT) - Venetian Bronze
Kwikset Traditional SmartCode Deadbolt (910TRL ZBC4 15 SMT) - Satin Nickel 
Kwikset Traditional SmartCode Deadbolt (910TRL ZBC4 L03 SMT) - Lifetime Polished Brass
Yale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt (YRD240-NR-619)

Evolve T100R (Zwave Version 4.54 Date Code 1319)
RCS Technology TBZ48R (STD/HP, 3 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool Part No: 001-02071 Rev:14 DC: 1407)
Honeywell Thermostat ZWSTAT (Programmable Touchscreen)
Current Innovations Thermostat CI-300Z
Jasco Lamp Module 45702 ZW3103 (Date Code 1349)
Jasco Duplex Receptacle 45705 ZW1001 (Date Code 1243)
Jasco Outdoor Light and Appliance Module 45704 ZW4201 (Date Code 1249)
Jasco Dimmer Switch 45712 ZW3005 (Date Code 1337)
Jasco Dimmer Switch 45715 ZW3006 (Date Code 1342)
Jasco Relay Switch 45709 ZW4005 (Date Code 1332)
Jasco Auxillary Switch 45710 ZW2004 (Date Code 1332)
GE 3-Way On/Off Light Switch Kit 45614 
GE 3-Way Dimmer Switch Kit 45613
GE Dimmer ZW3003 (Date Code 1349)
GE Auxillary Switch ZW2002 (Date Code 1342)
GE Relay Switch ZW4001 (Date Code ????)
GE Outdoor Module 45604 ZW4201 (Date Code 1402)
GE Duplex Receptacle ZW1001 (Date Code 1402)
Linear Wall Dimmer Switch WD500Z
Linear Wall Switch
Kwikset Traditional SmartCode Deadbolot (910TRL ZW 11P SMT) - In development
Kwikset SmartCode 914 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt (914TRL ZW 15 UL) - In development
Yale (Model ???) door lock - In development

Ipdatatel Products
Gateway 1.0 (zigbee only) Product ID: 000B Firmware Version: 0010 
(approx. 1800 on market)
Gateway 2.0 (zigbee only) Product ID: 0012 Firmware Version: 0001
(approx. 50 on market)
Gateway 3.0 (zigbee and zwave) Product ID: 0012 Firmware Version: 0001
(approx. 35 on market - this includes Gateway 2.0 devices still on development firmware)
zsnap Product ID: 000E Firmware Version: 0006

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