How to Troubleshoot the Network LED

When the Network LED flashes once, twice, and then 3 times. This typically means that the customer is not getting any internet access to the BAT Module.

Basic Troubleshooting:
  • Check the customers Router/Modem. We're currently incompatible with the Verizon Westell 7500 A90 & Century Link 7500 Series Routers.
  • Verify the customer has internet access by asking the tech to use a customers laptop or computer and access a few different websites.
  • Try plugging the Ethernet Cord on the Router Side to a different port on the Router/Modem.
  • Unplug the Ethernet Cord from BAT Module and plug it into the customers Laptop/Computer then try and access a few different websites.
  • Power down modem and/or router for 30 seconds. Power up the modem first and then wait 30 seconds before powering up the BAT Module.
If the device is offline after these steps are performed and the network LED continues to flash, as long as you have verified the customers internet is up and running and the cable is good. The only other option is to replace the BAT Module and see if you get the same results.
**If your device is offline but the Network LED is NOT flashing, I would attempt the following.**
Advanced Troubleshooting:
  • Unplug the Ethernet Cable and verify that the Network LED begins to flash.
    • If not make sure the board has at least been programmed by power cycling it and see if any LEDs flash.
  • If the LED does begin to flash, plug your Ethernet cord back into the BAT and see if the LED goes out.
If the LED does go back out and shows that there is no trouble on Network LED, this may mean the MAC Address is wrong in the device. You can verify the MAC Address is correct or incorrect by asking the tech to look at the "DHCP Client Table". DHCP Client Table in the customers router is a list of all devices connected to the router, Wired & Wireless Devices. The tech will have to see if the router has a MAC Address of 00:23:FB:XX:XX:XX (XX:XX:XX being the last 6 digits of the device connected to their router) listed under the DHCP Client Table. If this does not match the MAC Address on the device you're troubleshooting then you can look up the device on Goldmine to find out the correct CRC and register the new MAC instead of the old.
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