Creating A New Account With The Account Wizard

  • Sign in using your Dealer username and password 



  • Select Create Account Wizard


* Duplicating any username will result in an 'Username already exists' error*


  • Step 1: Create Account, the dealer will not be able to proceed to the next step until all required information has been filled in.


  • Step 2: Register Hardware (The Dealer is allowed to register multiple devices)
    • Name your device
    • Enter full MAC address
    • Enter 4-digit CRC number, Click Register Hardware

*When registered correctly, you will receive the below message and you can Click NEXT to proceed to Step 3*


  • Step 3: Notification Settings
    • the customer can receive an email, phone, or text/push notification


  • Step 4: Central Station Setup
    • Enter your desired monitoring station information, click 'Finish'



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