Device Is Offline

Internet(Ethernet) Connection: 

  • Verify Ports 80 & 443 are open on the router
  • Ensure that DHCP (Dynamic Hosting) is turned on in the router (The device will not work if the router is using a Static IP)
  • Check to see if any firewalls are blocking connection
  • Try connecting device to a different port on the router
  • Unplug the router to reset it


Wifi Connection:

Connect to a Wireless Network(AP Configuration Tool)

  • Power up the BAT-WIFI at the alarm panel.
  • Open your smart phone or laptop and search for Wireless Connections.
    • In the list of WiFi connections you should see one labeled: IPD CFG UTIL.  If no, try moving your BAT-WIFI to a different location for better reception
  • Connect to the WIFI Network. IPD CFG UTIL
  • Once connected you must set up the following on your smart phone or laptop. 
    • Static IP:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Gateway/Router
  • After your IP Address is set on your smart phone or laptop.  Open a web browser and type in the following IP Address.
    • or
  • When you connect to the above IP Address it will launch the AP Configuration Tool.
  • Next you will click on the 'Scan for Wireless Networks'.  It will populate the list of all available wireless networks in your area.
  • Find the customers Wireless Network and click on it.  If security credentials are required you will be prompted to enter them.
  • You should now be connected to the customer WIFI network!
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