DSC PC5010(1555)-Telco Programming

  • Section 015: Disable option '7'(Turns on/off telephone line)
  • Section 301: Enter a Receiver number
  • Section 310: Enter an Account number
  • Section 360: Enter '03' (Enables Contact  ID)
  • Section 365: Enable option '1'  (Enables Opening/Closing)
  • Section 380: Enable option '1' (Enables Communications)
  • Section 381: Enable option '5' (Enables Code Reporting)

**This panel may require CID Reporting codes to be manually entered. (Section 320-351)

**The panel CAN use a Virtual Keypad in which you can Arm & Disarm using a User Code.
**The panel SHOULD NOT be used to go into dealer programming to make changes.
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