How To Send A Firmware Upgrade To This Device

The IPD-BAT cannot receive a remote firmware upgrade.  This has to be done manually on the device itself.

  • Power down the panel before you begin this manual upgrade.
  • You will need to remove both data wires from (Terminal-5 (Y) and Terminal 6-(G) from the IPD-BAT.
  • Once removed, you will need to connect a jumper wire from Terminal-5 to Terminal-6 directly on the BAT.
  • Leave the jumper cable on for up to 30-minutes.
  • Before you remove this jumper cable, verify on the alarmdealer website or contact technical support to verify that the firmware went through successfully.
  • Once the firmware has been confirmed complete and the IPD-BAT has received the firmware, remove the jumper wire and reconnect the data wires back to Terminal-5 (Y) and Terminal 6-(G)
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