To A BAT-CDMA(black board)

  • Terminal 1(TIP) should be wired to Tip on the panel (used for communication)
  • Terminal 2(RING) should be wired to Ring on the panel (used for communication)
  • Terminal 3(POS AUX) should be wired to Pos aux on the panel 
  • Terminal 4(NEG AUX) should be wired to Neg aux on the panel
  • Terminal 5(Y/TX) should be wired to the programmable output on the panel (used for interactive service)
  • Terminal 15(zone) should be wired to any open zone on the panel (used for interactive service)
  • a zone resistor (used to indicate change of state) should be placed parallel from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 on the BAT CDMA


  • Wired as a keyswitch, you will be able to remotely Arm/Disarm the alarm panel using the mobile app 
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