What Are Part Numbers For IPD Devices?

IpDatatel devices can be identified by any distribution center by the unit description or name.


Listed below are all of the IpDatatel devices that distributors have in their inventory. 

  • IPD-CAT-CDMA-L (Cellular only -- Black board)
  • IPD-CAT-CDMA (Cellular only -- Red board)
  • IPD-CAT-XT (Simon panels only)
  • IPD-BAT (Internet only)
  • IPD-BAT-CDMA (Internet + Cellular)
  • IPD-BAT-WIFI (Internet)
  • IPD-BAT-CDMA-WIFI (Internet + Cellular)
  • IPD-BAT-U (Internet only)
  • IPD-BAT-LTE (Internet + LTE)
  • IPD-HELIX (Internet + Home Automation)




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